Happy new year !!!!


A healthy mind in a healthy body

Enza once again participated in the Paris half marathon. Our runners once more defended Enza's colors, even under the rain!
The practice of a sport is correlated to the positive development of the human being: a taste for effort, overcoming oneself, respect and listening to one's body and others, a sense of sharing, cohesion,... All these social and personal attributes can be found in our consultants !
And for the less athletic, other joint events are regularly organized and unite our team throughout the year.


Happiness at work: on the journey to a positive employee experience

Yes, that's how we named this moment when work meets happiness (unless it's the other way around!): a positive employee experience.
It generates better employer brand, boosted innovation and enhanced performance. Moreover, we believe in the symmetry of attention: the quality of the relationship between a company and its customers is correlated to the quality of the relationship between that company and its own employees.

We apply this theory internally, and we offer our customers the opportunity to support them in improving their own collaborators' experience. In partnership with a team of researchers in Transformation of Organizations at HEC Montréal, we are developing a method for quantitative and qualitative identification of the key factors on which to act in each company. Naturally, once the objective has been identified with our clients, we offer a change management support, carried out by specialized consultants.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of a positive employee experience? Contact us!


International projects at EM Lyon Business School

For a second consecutive Enza has been pleased to intervene with students from MSCs in Organization Consulting at EM Lyon.
The aim was at brainstorming on international projects in cross cultural environment. It has been the opportunity to share with consultants of tomorrow about feedbacks on international missions, reflective approach and business case !


Enza assists the Finance Innovation competitiveness cluster in Paris in coordinating the “Quantum Technologies work group »

The Finance Innovation competitiveness cluster in Paris France has set-up a work group to study the impact of new technologies in the financial sector in France : artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum technologies. This work group is sponsored by Antoine Petit, CEO of INRIA. It will gather experts from different stakeholder groups including Fintechs and start-up companies, researchers from academia, major financial industry players, business consulting firms, software vendors, integrators etc. This work group aims to identify priority innovation domains that will emerge and transform the financial sector in France in the next ten years and to present them in a white paper that will be published during the second quarter of 2018

Alain Chancé – Enza consultant – assists the Finance Innovation competitiveness cluster coordinator in enrolling experts in the “quantum technologies” work group, animating workshops of this work group, attending IA and blockchain workshops and putting forward ideas for enabling synergy across all three technologies.


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