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New CITYzens
Enza has been partner of New CITYzens since early 2017. More than being a strong financial support, Enza brings key skills to the association. Thanks to the external and wise look of its consultants, the firm has really been a driving force in defining the development strategy and providing valuable support for its operational implementation. For instance, Enza advised us on the creation of a collaborative platform, which is essential for the operation of New CITYzens. The firm also helped the association to become professional, while adapting its working methods to the environment of a small structure. The involvement of the consultants in our projects has established a strong trust relationship between our two organizations. I hope we can move forward together for a long time to come.
Nicolas Le Berre
Co-founder of NewCITYzen

Enza accompanies us in accomplishing our internal and european programs both upstream on the framing of the programs and the operational implementation of the Euroclear strategy.
Projects and functional skills as well as financial market mechanisms give an added value, undeniable and shared by all our departments, with Enza consultants.
Today, Enza team is essential to the Target 2 Securities project and several of our internal projects . Enza also participates in the management of our portfolio of joint programs on the schedules and budgets.
Eric Paulien
Head of Business Analyst

Les Grappes
Enza's consultants have been helping us for around 2 years in our development and evolution of our start up. Enza's skill panel allowed us to step forward in our organization (governance, target organization, different internal and external processes, new fee tool), to explore marketing actions, to realize benchmarks or to define and develop our values and cultural identity. Hence Enza has proposed a global and bespoke approach in operational management and mobilizing consulting which make Enza a significant and regular partner.
Loîc Tanguy
CEO and Founder

The trust relationship established between Enza and Addictgroup teams, as well as the seniority of Enza's consultants allow us to carry out sophisticated management and strategic operations. Over the last 2 years, several missions have been carried out on issues related to the implementation of processes and the optimization of our operational management, essential to accompany Addictgroup's growth. The great strength of Enza's interventions is to be able, in record time, to grasp our specific operational challenges, analyze the existing situation and deliver a concrete and immediately operational deliverable, in line with the requirements of a start-up's speed and flexibility.
From a more human perspective, the relationship with Enza's top management and consultants is professional and friendly.

Hugues Courcier
CEO Addictgroup

"In the span of three years, working from the idea that medical biology needed to reinvent itself, Novescia has grown into one of the top five laboratory operators in France. Our challenge was to rapidly integrate new business structures: Enza understood this and proposed a pragmatic solution in a regulated industry. This allowed us to concentrate on acquiring new laboratory companies and optimizing our production analytic tool."
Pierre Forest
CEO of Novescia

Crédit Agricole IFCAM
"Enza is currently assisting us in the definition of our IT strategy for the next 3 years. We rely on their working methodology in order to carry out our IT master plan. We selected them as their consultants are able to provide us with benchmarking elements as well as coming up with new ideas."
Pierre Krauzman
Director of Organization, IT, Purchasing and Logistic departments - IFCAM

Malakoff Médéric
"We are currently involved in a large-scale project to overhaul our organisation and our information systems, which profoundly alters the way our employees work and their routines. The Enza consultants were able to stabilise this situation and implement long-lasting solutions."
Marie-Agnès Quares
DFTP Project Portfolio Manager - Malakoff Médéric

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If you are recent graduate, junior consultant or experienced consultant interested in working for an entrepreneurial firm with an international mind-set, Enza may be the ideal workplace for you.
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