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Over the course of different assignments, you will be supported and receive training on the essential techniques, methodologies and personal skills for your consulting assignments.

You will then be asked to find and oversee assignments and to manage other consultants yourself.

At Enza, business development is not just the responsibility of experienced consultants! All our consultants, even junior consultants, are encouraged to take an active role in our sales strategy.

In order to map out a career path that makes sense to you and helps you as well as the firm grow, we have developed our own coaching process.
As soon as you arrive at Enza, an experienced manager will be assigned as your personal coach. He or she will not be your manager for your assignments but instead will mentor you and monitor your progress within the firm. This person will act as a bridge between the various assignment managers that support you. You will work together to develop your training plan and define your objectives during your annual performance assessment.
Geographic mobility
Transforming our international clients' businesses requires us to work together in international teams wherever our clients are located. This means that working at Enza also means moving internationally! In addition, as the Enza Group expands, new opportunities will open up in our offices in Europe and throughout the world.

"The education that I received at the ENSGSI-Nancy business school prepared me to work for small and medium-sized enterprises. Although I discovered the world of major corporations during my traineeships, at the end of my studies I felt compelled to work in a moderate-sized...
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If you are recent graduate, junior consultant or experienced consultant interested in working for an entrepreneurial firm with an international mind-set, Enza may be the ideal workplace for you.
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