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For a main telecommunications operator
Challenge: To successfully complete the overhaul of its current information system
Client: Company Market Directorate

As part of an ambitious renovation programme our client has set a very high target for the volumes of quality data which can be migrated to the new system. Before the highly important rejection rate is encountered in the first blank migration we have been asked to set up an emergency support system for classifying these inconsistencies and identifying the corrective actions to be undertaken as quickly as possible in these instances.
After analyzing the situation we proposed a reject qualification process and we then developed a tool. In only three months, we have carried out hundreds of thousands of releases and have reduced the rejection rate by 20% in this period.

For a global leader in financial markets
Challenge: Successfully maintain its leading position in Europe
Client: Project Manager

In order to continue to lead in its field while spurring the organisation to adapt to a changing environment, our client must make technical and functional improvements within the company as well as carry out external regulatory initiatives.
We acted as project manager, drawing on our extensive knowledge of financial markets and our ability to get technical, corporate and legal teams to work together.

For a global leader in the insurance sector
Challenge: Roll out new insurance products in Italy
Client: Program Management Officer

To strengthen its growth, our client wants to roll out new insurance products in 15 European countries by launching a 3-year programme.
As part of this ambitious programme, we oversaw the roll-out of its products in Italy, from the scoping study to the final implementation stage. This complex operation called for cooperation between managers and operational teams based throughout Europe and working in very different business lines.
Today we continue to provide support for the roll-out programme, particularly in the Belgian, Spanish and French markets.

For a large French bank
Challenge: Successfully transform its finance function
Client: Program Management Officer

Our client needed to radically transform the organisational structure of its finance function in order to optimize its way of working and outsource some activities.
As is the case with any reorganisation, this resulted in the clustering of services and offshoring. We acted as PMO for several of these projects in order to facilitate exchanges between countries, follow up with teams and convey key information to project managers.

For a global leader in the tobacco industry
Challenge: Standardise its supply chain information system
Client: Head of Supply Chain Services

Our client wanted to standardise its supply chain information system in several European countries. We took on the challenge: in warehouses, factories and in the head offices of business units in each country, we coordinated the roll-out. We involved and secured the cooperation of players with very differing concerns: logistics experts, financiers, IT engineers and operational employees. This diverse array of cultures, locations, backgrounds and responsibilities was highly beneficial to the project, and was made possible through our consultants' extreme geographic and intellectual mobility.

For a leader in the medical biology sector in France
Challenge: Ensure the success of high-frequency post-merger integrations
Client: CEO

Our client, a leader in the medical biology sector in France, integrates several dozen laboratory companies every year. It can double in size in the span of one year! These high-frequency integrations place a great deal of stress on the structure responsible for the integrations, putting the company's operational performance at risk. The challenge was to design a customised, 'ready-to-use' method that makes the post-merger integration process run more smoothly and to improve the impact of this process on the company's strategy and organisational structure.
In order to do so, we conducted a significant amount of applied research. While proven methods exist for merging large organisations, particularly those of equal size, this very specific scenario was relatively unexplored.
Using these research results, we developed a highly pragmatic methodology that takes into account all the dimensions of a successful integration: shared governance, internal and external communication, transformation of the medical biology operational model and shared service centres for support functions. Today our client uses it constantly and continues to expand and reinvent the field of medical biology.

For a global leader in sports 'lifestyle'
Challenge: Develop a one-to-one marketing strategy
Client: One-to-One Marketing Manager

One of the world's ten most well-known brands, specialised in sporting goods and the sports 'lifestyle', wanted to better understand its customers! The aim? Ensure that a significant portion of its turnover comes from direct sales in the next three years.
We assembled a team of consultants from New York, London, Geneva and Paris to address this challenge. For six months we worked at the company's headquarters in Germany alongside the client's experts to develop these direct marketing and sales channels. We drew up a business segment and information system master plan to provide our client with the long-term organisational structure that is most suited to this new marketing model.

New CITYzens

Enza has been partner of New CITYzens since early 2017. More than being a strong financial support, Enza brings key skills to the association. Thanks to the external and wise look of its consultants, the firm has really been a driving force in defining the development strategy...
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