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As an engineer in mathematics, I have spent my entire career focusing on management consulting and information systems. My first experience showed me how to do things. The second showed me how to do things differently. The third showed me how to ensure that things get done. And today, there is Enza…

I am passionate about...project management. I have managed post-merger integrations, set up customer relationship management solutions and overseen complex roll-outs, often overseas. My favourite areas of focus are the management of major projects, PMO consulting, agile methods, risk analysis and roll-out.

I like methods that bring together ideas, initiatives and innovation for the purposes of taking action and achieving concrete results. I love to learn every day — learn from others as well as teach others.

Although I know how to handle highly political environments, I have to say that I prefer direct, honest and open relations. I work to ensure that the working environment at Enza fosters efficiency and a collective approach to performance and success, while also fully respecting the professional ambitions of every consultant.
As a graduate of ISG Business School, I had the opportunity of completing part of my studies abroad. I learned how to fend for myself, get out of complicated situations and I developed a true appreciation for international environments.

I wanted to work in consulting to experience a variety of assignments and acquire a wide range of skills. Once here, I was hooked — I never wanted to leave.

I am fascinated by how mergers work and by the speed at which companies are expected to adapt in order to keep up. I like to work hard alongside my colleagues to develop a strategy for strengthening ties or developing the best tool. What motivates me? Trying to solve problems, especially those that seem to have no solution.

Since the start of my career, I have developed a network of individuals with whom I like to work and exchange ideas. I want to continue to expand this network by helping consultants develop their skills in keeping with the values of honesty and modesty.
New CITYzens

Enza has been partner of New CITYzens since early 2017. More than being a strong financial support, Enza brings key skills to the association. Thanks to the external and wise look of its consultants, the firm has really been a driving force in defining the development strategy...
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If you are recent graduate, junior consultant or experienced consultant interested in working for an entrepreneurial firm with an international mind-set, Enza may be the ideal workplace for you.
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