Enza Consulting: Pierre


As a mathematical engineer, I have always worked in consultancy. In my first role, I learnt the ropes. The second one showed me how to take a different tack. The third showed me how to really get things done. And now, I’m at Enza…
I am passionate about piloting… projects. I have managed post-merger integrations, implemented client relations management solutions and coordinated complex deployments, often on the international stage. My area of choice at the moment? Artificial intelligence!
I love approaches which blend ideas, initiatives and innovation within a framework of action, concrete performance and results. I love learning every day, learning from others and offering them ideas in turn.
Even if I might be able to negotiate highly political environments, I undoubtedly prefer direct, clear and frank communication. I ensure a working environment at Enza which promotes efficiency, a collective approach embodying performance and success.

Email: pierre.mendiondou@enza-conseil.fr