Enza Consulting: Mathieu


Having graduated from the Grenoble Management School, I started my career with a period of entrepreneurial experience by creating an online network of freelance consultants. Many aspects of the day-to-day role were very rewarding: making contacts, coordinating a network, finding solutions to my clients’ problems in complex environments and implementing new tools with the aim of improved performance.
I then made the decision to focus on consultancy due to the varied work, to offer my clients concrete support and to bring their projects to a successful conclusion. I am particularly involved in coordinating international projects: I am passionate about multicultural environments as they are full of rich encounters and mutual exchange when they are handled appropriately. In my 7 years at Enza, I have had the opportunity to build a career path which took me from London to Paris. I am now in charge of the Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes region.

Email: mathieu.parratte@enza-conseil.fr