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Enza Consulting will work alongside your day-to-day operations
in order to achieve your bespoke objectives
We are a management consulting firm specialised in large-scale transformation projects.
Competition, a changing environment, strategy, improving operational performance, mergers...whatever the reason for the change, our goal is to help you transform it into an opportunity by providing tireless support at every stage of your transformation.
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Happy new year !!!!

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New CITYzens

Enza has been partner of New CITYzens since early 2017. More than being a strong financial support, Enza brings key skills to the association. Thanks to the external and wise look of its consultants, the firm has really been a driving force in defining the development strategy and providing valuable support for its operational implementation. For instance, Enza advised us on the creation of a collaborative platform, which is essential for the operation of New CITYzens. The firm also helped the association to become professional, while adapting its working methods to the environment of a small structure. The involvement of the consultants in our projects has established a strong trust relationship between our two organizations. I hope we can move forward together for a long time to come.

Nicolas Le Berre
Co-founder of NewCITYzen

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Enza - Management Consulting
United States - Europe - Asia
If you are recent graduate, junior consultant or experienced consultant interested in working for an entrepreneurial firm with an international mind-set, Enza may be the ideal workplace for you.
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Enza - Management Consulting
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